DROUGHT Juice Cleanse

While I'm back home for the summer I always try and take advantage of the time I have to get healthy. Whenever I'm in school it always seems like my health decreases the further along I am into the semester. Don't get me wrong, I do my best to keep a pretty healthy diet while I'm away. My regular diet usually consists of egg whites with gluten free toast in the morning, a bowl of veggies with chicken for lunch and probably something similar to what my lunch was for dinner. However, I am guilty of snacking...alot. School can be stressful and I have the tendency to reward myself after a long day with the occasional frozen yogurt, chips or those divine Brookside dark chocolate covered candies that I can't get enough of. With that being said, I wanted to up my fitness game and go full force into having a healthier lifestyle. For some time now I have been seeing tons of people talk about juice cleanses and the benefits that it can have on your body. Juice cleanses relieve your system of toxins and can help jump start your body into a healthier lifestyle. So I did some research and found one of the very few cold pressed juice companies in the Metro Detroit area; DROUGHT juice. Their juices are locally made out of all organic fruits and vegetables! They are also 100% juice; meaning that there are no additives or water in them. (You can check out more of the benefits of Drought juice here ) 

I  decided to try the 2 day juice cleanse which consists of twelve juices total (six juices per day). You are allowed to divided the times you drink the juices however you would like, so I decided to split mine up to every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Right now I am on my second day and I have to say that I feel amazing! I am so happy with my results. I woke up this morning and my mind and body felt clearer than they have in a long time. Yesterday, was however not as easy. It does take your body a while to get used to just drinking juice and nothing else. I did experience some signs of fatigue and moodiness, but I made sure that I did not have a full list of things to do so that I could allow my body to rest and detox. DROUGHT juice is located in downtown Detroit inside of the Willy's Detroit store on Canfield Street. Be sure to check them out!

I've also been working out on a consistent basis now. It is so important to not only eat right but also to workout! My favorite forms of exercises are running/walking on trails or doing cardio and body weight training at home or in the gym. What are some of your favorite workouts? Leave a comment below :)

With Love,