Miss Intentional

Photography by Reena Stackaruk

Photography by Reena Stackaruk

Have you ever gone out to brunch with a friend and left feeling like you had just gotten out of the best therapy session of your life?

Well that pretty much sums up my Friday morning. I went out to breakfast with a dear friend of mine and we caught up on all of the things that had happened in each others lives since the last time we saw one another. 

My Breakfast :)

My Breakfast :)

As we talked, I started to notice a pattern in our conversation. Even though our lives are completely different right now (i.e. She's a married 29 y.o. with a job in education administration and I am a 22 y.o. college student who's only actual concern is how many credits I want to juggle next semester) we both felt like our lives are in "preparation mode"

I shared with her how over the last couple of weeks the Lord has been nailing me with this revelation of preparation and understanding that I am no longer living for the now. Everything that I do in this season of my life should be in direct correlation to the fruit that I want to see manifested in my next season. 

In September I will be entering into my senior year of college and I am reminded now more than ever that this too shall pass.

I feel like I've been in college forever. After transferring schools and having to do an extra year to make up for all of the credits that I missed at my alma mater just made the process of college seem even longer. 

It took God giving me a major "love smackdown" to redirect my focus (I say "love smackdown" because thats really what chastisement is). When God sheds light on your shortcomings it is not because He despises you, it is because He wants you to get it together.

Hat: H&M / Shirt: Zara / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Belt: Thrifted

Hat: H&M / Shirt: Zara / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Belt: Thrifted

Preparation means that you have a goal in mind. If you don't have a driving force then you're probably not motivated nor will you have the discipline that it takes to be prepared. 

Just last week God spoke these words to me and it got my life: 

Either we get to work or you make another choice. I’ve made mine.

At first I was like "Well JEESH! I thought I made my choice a long time ago". About three years ago I decided to step out on total faith and allow God do whatever He wanted with my life, but over the course of the journey I forgot that there was an actual destination involved

I was on cruise control and didn't even know it.

 This is one of the first songs I listen to on my morning runs. A great reminder as to why Im doing what I'm doing. Jill has done it AGAIN!! #InLOVE #BEPrepared #GonnaBeSuperFine

So without further ado...

Im calling this time in my life "intentional preparation"

This means I am...

  •  Sharpening my craft
  • Developing my prayer time
  • Re-evaluating my priorities for the future
  • Working out
  • Eating healthier
  • Strengthening my friendships
  • Asking God for more "love smackdowns"!

P.S. The list will definitely be growing. 

Now I have to be honest, self evaluation use to not be the easiest thing for me. I use to have huge issues with taking direction, but over the years I have learned this amazing truth... 

Never be intimidated by the idea that you could be better.
— -TD Jakes

No one is perfect and once you stop trying to have it all together only then can you start to become your best self.

Also shoutout to my gorgeous friend Reena for these amazing photographs!

Go check her out at ReenaRayPhotography.com 

With Love,