Monica Burgess

Photographer/ Floral Designer

Say hello to my beautiful friend, Monica! I met Monica during my time living in Tulsa, Oklahoma around four years ago. I knew that we were kindred souls from the beginning of our friendship because of her ginormous love for creativity and beauty. This woman exudes beauty and joy wherever she goes and the tenderness of her heart reflects the love of God in such a genuine way. Now, whenever I see Monica, months and sometimes even years in between meetings, I always know that our time together will always leave me feeling like a more invigorated creative. Her energy and curiosity regarding all things makes it a blessing to not only have her as a friend, but as a sister. - Maureé

I am a photographer captivated by natural beautiful light and clean imagery. I want every image to show the beauty of whatever my subject may be in the simplest of ways.  The truth is, I am terrible at trying to describe myself or even talk about myself. Talking about myself seems to give me this weird anxiety!  The most real and appropriate words for me would be "I have been so blessed". I absolutely love what I do and I can not describe the feeling I get being able to bring that same love to others! I find it a huge blessing that I could even be considered and given a talent that bring so much joy to people everywhere! I would of never believed that my life would or could be something people find inspiring...seriously. I never want to take that for granted. It has been nothing but The Lord!

My career...

It all started with one of those disposable camera's taking selfies haha! The ridiculous flash never went off and all my pictures were terrible! I knew I wanted to become a photographer at the age of 15. My dad was a well known event photographer in town and I still remember the first wedding I helped him photograph, ever since then I have had the desire to shoot. This wasn't an easy process getting to where I am now, much patience and tears have been invested but it has been well worth it. Photography feels like it comes so naturally to me. I don't have to think about it. I just take pictures of everything and it can be a problem sometimes (giggles). 

 Flower design was definitely a talent I was totally unaware of until a good friend of mine who was starting a floral business believed I had the capability to arrange flowers! She told me that anyone who has a creative eye she believe's can naturally be good at arranging flowers and it has proved to be right! The first arrangement I made I was in a lot of fear thinking it would be terrible, but the more I practiced the better I became. I fell so in love with flower design that I was ready to abandon photography for a while, but of course I couldn't do that, so why not do both?!!  

I trust that we all know and understand that life will never be perfect, but lately life has been wonderful! Life is a blessing and each day continues to surprise me and teach me just how valuable and important each life is!

I am currently doing my best to stay caught up on emails from clients, perfecting my skills in floral & planning my wedding...wait ahhhh ?!?!?! Yes I literally just got engaged and I still can't believe how real and unreal it feels all at once. I also struggle constantly with daydreaming about traveling all over the world. The more I travel I find that my daydreaming tends to get a little deeper. I have been blessed to travel and work towards becoming a traveling photographer starting this year. I am learning to ENDURE without giving up or caving. Love endures every circumstance and it never gives up or loses faith. 

My Inspiration...

I'm sure that most people would think that referring to Jesus as my biggest inspiration seems a bit cliché, but He really is. Also, nature, people I interact with daily, and freedom that has all come from the Lord inspires me as well! I know for a fact that it is nothing but the Lord that gives all good and perfect gifts. { James 1:17 } 

   I have learned that it is okay to ask for help and that we are not meant to know it all! There is room for others in your learning and growing. It is important to cultivate relationships with other creatives and just people in general to help serve them and not compete. Always be willing to learn. I do not want to stop at a certain capacity saying this is it... I have mastered it all. You will realize that getting to your destination doesn't end once the plane lands, you still have luggage to pick up, security to go through and a home to get to. Just arriving seems wonderful, but it is the journey and adventuring that is always much more important and exciting. 

You know that feeling or moment whether your visiting a new city or sitting with a friend and there is always something you see or feel that you wish you could of captured on a camera it was so beautiful but so sudden... yeah thats me (giggles). Ever since I was young I was totally convinced that glasses with camera's should be made for photographers because it would make life so much easier, being able to capture what I see right at the moment it happened. There is also something beautiful in seeing light move on a subject and that is what motivates me most of the time to capture light and beauty in a way I couldn't describe with my words.

To My Sisters...

Sisters, never forget that you are lovely and so loved. You have a reason to live and that is why you're here. We need you to be you and nobody else! The talent's and purpose that you hold may not look like everyone else's, but please don't believe that lie! You are important and needed just as much as anyone else. Stay encouraged and don't seek to be anything your not. Be yourself. There is so much beauty that lies deep within that truth. 

I also encourage you to write your desires down, pray over them, giving them to the Lord. 

I remember at fifteen, I wrote down a list of the dreams that I wanted to see come true in my life. Graciously, I have been blessed to see those dreams come to life! (PS I still have the list). I think a huge key to this was listening to what was on my heart and not picking the coolest things out there . My heart spoke loudly about the things I wrote down.

Scriptures to walk by...

 Wait on The Lord and be of good courage! - Psalms 27: 14 

This was a scripture I was reminded of one morning before I was about to cave and give into my thoughts of giving up to get a job. After writing and speaking that scripture down I decided not to apply for a job and that same day I was called to start working on a project that would catch me up on bills and cover a whole month of living! The Lord is faithful. 

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude - Miscellaneous Quote

This has been my current reminder to shift my mind to being more thankful instead of complaining and worrying. 

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalms 27:1 

When Jesus is the center and the focus of our life we should have nothing to fear because He has already gone before us leading and guiding each step. When fear begins to creep in make sure your focus hasn't wavered making sure Jesus always remains the center and you have nothing to fear. 


To connect with Monica check out her website, here.

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