Mood Music: Ginger Me Slowly by Somi

I have to give credit to my dad for my eclectic music taste. Since I was a little girl, I remember being exposed to great music. While I was in grade school, my dad would take me to the record store with him at least once a week. We would be there for hours on end listening to everything from Sting to TLC. He introduced me to some of the greats; like Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Anita Baker, Miles Davis and Lou Rawls. I am thankful for those times with my dad because I was blessed to learn what REAL music is. I've never really cared for the music of my day because theres no meaning behind it. Depth has been taken out of the lyrics and catchy beats have replaced melodic masterpieces. Once I was exposed to the real thing everything else just seemed overrated. With that being said, thank God for all of the artists who are still making real music! One of those people being the beautiful Somi. My dad turned me on to her about a month ago and it has been my mood music for November and December. Take a listen :)