Exploring Chicago

Out of the two years that I've been living in the city, there is still so much I haven't seen. With my hectic school and work schedule I rarely get the chance to explore this beautiful place, but I'm making it a point to not make that an excuse anymore. This week I ventured into new territory over on Green Street where there are the most amazing restaurants and cafés on every corner. I love the fact that there is always something new to see in Chicago and I don't have to travel more than 10-15 minutes to experience it. 

In Fashion News:

With the weather doing its own thing this week, my H&M jacket has been my best friend. It's the perfect weight and the shape makes it a stand out piece in my wardrobe. Sad to say I'm pretty much tired of my closet at this point. If I'm not able to pull out shorts and midi skirts within the next 2-3 weeks I might flip out. Until then, all black wins every time. 

I hope you all are doing well! My weeks have been getting crazier and crazier as the semester comes to an end, but I'm continously reminded that slow and steady wins the race. I'm choosing to take each day as it comes and not over analyze what I can't control. Every day we wake up with brand new mercies for that day. That means that it is pointless to worry about what tomorrow will bring. Stay encouraged and know that you got this! God never puts more on us than we can bare. 

With Love, 

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