Hello Beauties! This week I've decided to let you all in on some of thoughts that have been running through my mind; some serious and some not at all. We're just gonna call this series Maureé's Sentiments. I think that its important for you guys to not only be able to connect with me through pictures, but also through thoughts and opinions. As of lately, I've been in the process of keeping track of seasons in my life through journaling.  I'm even starting to keep a journal with me 24/7. I am just now starting to understand the importance of capturing your thoughts and putting them down on paper (PLUS dating them). I always use to forget to date my journal entries and it made things difficult when I would try to look back at different times in my life. With that being said here are some of my recent reflections: 

  1. Song of the Week: "Love" by Jeff Bradshaw featuring Kim Burrell. IT IS LIFE!! 
  2. This workout has been everything to me the past couple of days. I haven't been feeling much like yoga/ pilates this week, but this super quick cardio burn is perfect.
  3. In those moments when you feel anxious and uneasy read John 16. I PROMISE it will get your life. I often read this scripture when I need to be reminded of who the Holy Spirit is to me. Jesus talks about all of the many functions of the Holy Spirit and how He is everything that we need. It quiets my spirit every time.
  4. It's funny that when God gives us a visions of our future we think that we have to go through the journey alone. I never thought that just maybe God would bring people along side of me who would make the journey easier. Recognize and receive the blessing!
  5. This year I'm going to be spending my fist full summer here in Chicago.  I'm wondering if its going to be as amazing as people keep telling me or will I be so busy with work and summer classes that I never get a chance to see the sun. 
  6.  So far this year, God has been tearing down the walls of my heart and teaching me what love is; first through Him and secondly through other people. (Sometimes you think you know all there is to know about a subject and then God shows you that you know NADA!) I'm letting Him teach me new things and I'm enjoying the process.
    1. Love allows light into the dark places that we try so hard to hide from God and others. 
    2. Sometimes we can keep things so hidden for so long that we forget that they are strongholds. He brings those things to light and shows us who we are (deepening our intimacy with Him). 
    3. The Word of God = Truth = FREEDOM (John 17:17)
  7. Being a giver can sometimes make it hard to be a receiver. You miss out on blessings the minute you harden your heart.
  8. Learning to be vulnerable and willing to receive come with the risk of being hurt in the end.
  9. You will miss your blessing/opportunity if you're afraid to get wounded in the battle. 
  10. The greatest victories were won because someone chose to step out on faith

With Love,

Photography by Brittnee Snodgrass

Sweater: Thrifted / Shirt: Asos / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Asos / Bag: Urban Outfitters  / Necklace: Thrifted

Sweater: Thrifted / Shirt: Asos / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Asos / Bag: Urban Outfitters  / Necklace: Thrifted