Introducing... Letters to Sisters

Photography by  Reena Stackaruk

Photography by Reena Stackaruk

Hello Lovelies! I’m writing this post in order to introduce you to a new segment on By Maureé called Letters to Sisters. A few months ago I was thinking about the layout of the blog and I found myself uninspired by the content that I had created. I knew that something had to change. I became tired of just talking about my story. I’m aware that there is beauty in self-reflection, but in my mind the blog felt very one sided. My original intent in starting the blog was to inspire women to become their best selves through fashion and lifestyle, but as the years progress so does my state of mind.

I no longer want to just feature myself.

In some senses I want to make By Maureé a vision board; filled with the knowledge and stories of women who help stimulate my dreams. The reason that I am who I am is because I have been exposed to people greater than myself. I have learned to pocket techniques, styles, learning mechanisms and visions from them and build myself up according to footnotes. 

So my gift to you is exposure. I want you to experience the beauty that I encounter on a daily basis and build a life that you love. The women that I have chosen to interview for Letters to Sisters are women who inspire me to be a better creative. As women in the arts, our fellow sisters should not intimidate us. Instead we should be building communities together and nurturing the dreams inside of one another.

 I challenge you to not envy their insights, their beauty or their talents. Instead congratulate their successes and be bold enough to love their bodies of work as if they were your own.  

The first letter will be out by the start of next week! I hope you are as excited as I am :) 

Sending lots of love your way,

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