Overcome by Laura Mvula

Hey Beauties! 

Yesterday my favorite artist in the world released her first single in over 3 years! If you’ve never heard of Laura Mvula, you are sleeping on greatness. Her first album, Sing to the Moon, came out during a major transition period in my life. Songs like “She” and “Diamonds” helped me embrace my confidence and not be afraid to go after my dreams. While songs like “That’s Alright” and “Like the Morning Dew” helped me get through a major break-up and gain clarity and confidence in my decision to end the relationship. Not to mention, on top of her lyrical brilliance, her voice alone has enough uniqueness and soul to give anyone goose bumps.

It seems as though Laura’s music has been with me through every major decision period of my life and this song is no different. Overcome is basically a war cry for all of those who have been through a war and come out of it with battle scars. The lyrics, “When your heart is broken down and your head don’t reach the sky, take your broken wings and fly” are LIFE! I also love that there is always an underlying message of faith in whatever she does. The vamp of the song goes into this melodic masterpiece with her declaring to all God’s children to run around the mountain instead of letting it stop you from reaching greatness. Am I the only one who feels like my favorite artists always find me in the place that I’m at with their words? I guess that’s why they become our favorites. I so needed this song right now. Anyways, much love to you all and make sure to take a listen to my music angel, Ms. Mvula. You won’t be sorry.

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