The Thompson Wedding: A Divine Connection

Hey Beauties! I want to talk to you all about the beauty of divine connections. 

This past September I had the pleasure of directing Nkemdi and Kerrel’s wedding. The day was absolutely beautiful; filled with love, laughter, and the union of these two souls. Now before I go into detail about how special these two people are to me, let me start off by saying that the way as to how I became the director for this special day is something that can only be described as favor.

It all started on a summer's day in June. My friend Orel and I took it upon ourselves to walk around the city and explore because of how beautiful it was outside. One of our last stops of the day was A New Leaf; a flower shop in Lincoln Park. For those of you who don't know, I am absolutely in love with flowers and I simply can't walk by a flower shop without going in. Also, A New Leaf is one of the most aesthetically pleasing flower shops in the city so I simply couldn't resist. 

Photography by  Studio Starling

Photography by Studio Starling

While looking through the store I had this fantastic idea that a friend and I should take flower arranging classes. I stopped to ask a florist if A New Leaf provided flower arranging workshops and behind the counter was the beautiful Nkemdi. She told me that they didn’t, but that she could provide a one-on-one class for me and my friend by freelance. We exchanged information and the whole day I was super excited because I thought that I had just come up with the perfect play date, by no means did I know that I had just tapped destiny. A few days later I reached out to Nkemdi on Instagram. I told her that I was really excited about our class together and I was happy that we had met. She responded by asking if Orel and I could meet her for coffee the next week because there was something that she wanted to ask us. A little taken back, I responded back with a date and time that we could meet.

 When Nkemdi arrived at the coffee shop she first introduced herself and gave some background as to who she was. She told us that she was a native of Chicago with a background in architecture and design and has a passion for making ordinary things beautiful. By the time she finished telling us about her dreams and passions I was hooked. I could relate to everything that she was saying because I too have a lot of those same passions. My friend Orel could see how excited I was and kept having to calm me down whenever Nkemdi would say something profound.

I just kept thinking about how crazy it was that had we not gone into the flowers shop we could have missed connect with this amazing human being. She told us that after we had left the flower shop that first day, she checked out both of our websites and was impressed by our work and the fact that we were were both artists who gave honor to God with our platforms. Shortly after that, she began to get into the reason as to why she had called us to meet. She proceeded to ask if I would direct her wedding and Orel could do the videography for it.


I was stunned. I had never done anything quite as elaborate as directing someone’s wedding. My heart just about leaped out of my chest. I let her know that I had never done anything like that before, but that didn't matter to her. She told me that she knew that I could handle the job by the way that I approached her in the store …(like what?!). She said that I looked her dead in the eye when asking her about the flower classes and from that one encounter she knew that I would be a great director.

 Four months later, it was the day of the Thompson’s wedding and everything went beautifully. The wedding day took a great deal of preparation, but the end result was phenomenal. For a first hand look at that special day check out the video below. 

If you get anything out of this post, I want you to be encouraged and know that God has things lined up for you that you would have NEVER expected. There are people that you haven’t even met yet that are looking for someone just like you to fill a position. I could have never imagined that some unplanned day in June would have shifted my life in the way that it did. All it took was one connection. 

Fast-forwarding to today, not only did Orel and I get an amazing opportunity to create a special day for these two, but we also ended up stepping into a divine partnership. Nkemdi, Kerrel, Orel and I are now business partners! More to come on that soon. :)

I'm just telling you that God has a blessing with your name on it. If you don't allow fear to stop you from doing things that you've never done before, you will be amazed at His faithfulness. The last seven months of knowing this couple has been nothing short of uncanny. Watching God connect the dots to the dreams in my heart and realizing that some of those dots our hidden within my relationships is humbling. I feel blessed to be doing life with such creative, kind-hearted, and hard working people. This week I encourage you to start praying for your divine connections. So much more can be done when we link up with like minded people. No one can accomplish their dreams alone and until we learn the importance of community we will never know true success.

I'm praying that you all have an inspiring week!

With Love,


Shameless Plug: If you are interested in taking a flower arrangement class or in need of a flower and/or event designer, contact Nkemdi here)


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