Shameless Plug: Nkemdi Thompson

Floral & Event Designer

This week I'm adding a new edition to ByMaureé called Shameless Plugs! The goal of Shameless Plugs is to bring awareness to local businesses and give entrepreneurs a platform to share the visions. First off is my girl Nkemdi! If you are not already familiar with how much this woman means to me check out my previous post where I talk about her and husbands beautiful wedding day. I feel like Nkemdi's work speaks for itself. She's an incredibly talented designer whose attention to detail and unique perspective makes her work distinctive. Show her some love!

Several Chicago winters ago, I looked up at my now husband and said, “There’s a good chance I have seasonal depression!" I was so tired of the cold that makes doing everything so much harder. I needed Vitamin D, damnit. He took me to the Chicago Botanical Gardens and that was it. Plants, humidity, growth was the answer! That following summer, I made and sold funky Japanese string gardens called, Kokedama all over Chicago at different farmers markets. From there, I was able to work with the best floral and event space in the city to learn all about the art and business of arranging cut flowers. Since then, I've planned and designed several weddings, events and dinners fully under my own direction. These experiences have been such blessings! From my background in psychology and architecture bloomed a passion for aesthetics; creating meaningful experiences that frame memories, shape moods and evoke new emotions. -Nkemdi Thompson

To connect with Nkemdi visit her website:

Photography by Orel Chollette

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