The Layover

I had a dream the other night that basically sums up my life at this point. 

The Dream: 

Photography by  Dolly Ave

Photography by Dolly Ave

A friend and I were at the airport on our way to some international destination. (It wasn't clear as to where our final destination would be, so let's just say we were on our way to South Africa to give this dream context and also because going to South Africa is a major dream of mine.) 

So my friend and I are on our way to South Africa, right? And on our way there we have a layover in "Dubai" (also another random city used only to give context to this dream). So we've just arrived in "Dubai" and my friend and I are both pretty tired after flying across the country all day. First thing we did after getting to our layover was head over to the flight board to see how much time we would have in between flights - 14 hours before our next flight leaves for South Africa. 

So in my head I've already made a plan for how we should spend these next 14 hours. I said to my friend, "Ok - So we have 14 hours before we head out. Let's go check into our hotel room, get something to eat, sleep for a good 8 hours and we'll have just enough time to make it back to the airport for our connecting flight to South Africa. Easy!" 

Y' friend (who in reality I have no idea who they really are) looks at me as if they had seen a ghost and says, "Are you crazy? We're in DUBAI. We are not about to spend the only 14 hours we may ever have the chance to be in DUBAI in a hotel room! We're going to explore the mess out of Dubai, enjoy every moment of this and sleep on the plane ride there. You're in frickin' Dubai!."  

Then I woke up. 

Then I started to think about my life. I not enjoying my layover? 

In reality I've been in a season of transition for what seems like a very long time. But to be fair, I'm not where I was last year or even two years ago (PRAISE GOD). There has definitely been some significant movement in my life, but I know in my heart that it's not my final destination. So at this point I'm just focusing on enjoying the layover because there is a whole lot of beauty to behold in the in-between. 

I want to open up the same question to you as well. Are you enjoying your layover? Think about it...take a second (ding!)...and excuse what just became my unintentional reference to Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg. Btw, I've missed you guys.