The Come Up

Five years ago I started my blog, and ever since then I have been on a quest to find out what its mission is.

What started off as a documentation of my journey through fashion school has taken on many shapes over the years. From fashion blog to business portfolio to e-commerce store, subconsciously my main goal was always the same - to inspire through my perspective.

It’s been a winding journey to say the least and I have documented my triumphs along with my tragedies in this space. So if for the last five years this domain was used as nothing more than a public journal to remind me of my path, then my writing has not been in vain.

And the journey continues...

Over the last two years I haven’t written much. Many have asked why and my answer has stayed consistent even though the details may have varied. The answer is that I was growing. My entire life has changed over the past two years and my perspective was maturing. The 20 year old version of myself had a solid view on what she knew then. My journey was all about staying consistent in my faith during college. It was a time when I had no idea what God was going to do with my life - something that I liked to call “The Desert Season”. I wrote about the desert for years because it was what I knew and I had insight on the subject.

But what happens when you leave the desert and enter into new territory? You observe and sit in that new space long enough that your words hold weight there. Speaking on something you know nothing about will leave you with an outlandish opinion and no real substance.

So I waited. I moved to a new city, changed jobs a couple times, started meeting new people, talked to God about it and eventually began shaping my perspective on this new season of my life - The Come Up.

I’m so excited to start sharing this part of my journey with you all. WE BACK!

P.S. The website just got a whole new vibe, so take a look around to see what I’ve been up to for the last couple of years.


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