My Internship at Anastasia Chatzka

During my spring semester at Columbia I decided to look for a way to broaden my experiences outside of a regular retail job. I was interested in seeing a different side of the fashion industry and getting a look at what it takes to run your own store. I'm happy to say that I found everything I wanted in my internship with Anastasia Chatzka. Over the semester I helped Anastasia with day to day tasks like putting new garments up on her website and updating her social media concerning her latest products. I was able to watch her sew garments and do fittings on a daily basis. 

Anastasia makes all of the design samples in the store and then she sends them off to a nearby company to get the garment made in all different sizes from the store. Something that I loved about my internship was that no day was ever the same! One day I might be in the store pricing items and the next I'm in charge of going to get items from vendors for her latest fashion show. All in all it was an incredible experience that I'm so glad I was able to have. 

Thanks, Anastasia! :) 


Anastasia and I :)

Anastasia and I :)

Top: Thrifted/Sweater: Urban Outfitters/Pants: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Gap/ Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Some friends and I found this amazing 

bookstore on the way to her shop so we decided to turn it into a photo-shoot. By the way, these pants are absolutely amazing and probably the comfiest non-sweatpants I've ever owned. I'd like to thank Urban Outfitters for their incredible sales! They were only $5!

Friends and I at the Anastasia Chatzka Spring/Summer fashion show at the Godfrey Hotel! :)

Hope you guys are having a blessed week! 

With Love, 


*Photography by Orel Chollette