Music Monday: In This Place by Jalen Thomas

Happy Monday Beautiful People! 

Mondays mean the start of another week. You can either be excited about it or allow it to terrify you. Whatever you may be going up against this week I want to speak ZOE LIFE into your situation. God has a plan for you and you will win

As I am encouraging you I am also encouraging myself because this is my last week of midterms and it has taken every ounce of perseverance in me to make it through. However, I'm almost there. 

Speaking of encouragement, this new album by Jalen Thomas in INCREDIBLE. First of all his vocals are impeccable. But the best thing about this artist is that he is anointed! You can tell that every lyric is God-breathed. 

You have to check it out. I've noticed that whenever I'm feeling unmotivated or stressed out, listening to music that inspires your soul is like medicine. 

I dare you to meditate on things that help empower you this week. 

Get off of Instagram and get in to your word. Get out of Chick-fil-A and go to the gym. Get off of youtube and read a book! 

I love you much! 



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