Autumn Favorites Tag: Blogger Edition

It's Fall, y'all! 

I am ecstatic about the change in seasons because I love the beauty of autumn. The colors are impeccable and the air is crisp. However, here in Chicago it's been way to windy for my liking so I rely on beanies 95% of the time during the colder months. Plus with this new haircut my head gets cold a lot quicker. Nevertheless, beanies just so happen to be one of my favorite things about fall. 

With that being said, I felt like it would be a great idea to do a fall favorites tag.

I know I'm not the only one who loves watching my favorite you-tubers do fall inspired tag videos on their channels.

So I thought, "Why not have a tag for bloggers?"

So without further ado...


1. What's your favorite fall memory? 

When I was a little girl living in Detroit, I remember my family having humongous maple trees in our front lawn. During fall my dad and uncle would spend countless hours outside with a leaf blower and rake putting all of the leaves into huge piles. My brother and I would spend all day jumping in leaves and when we would get tired we would run inside the house where my mom would have homemade hot chocolate waiting. 

2. What's your favorite fall drink?

Soy hot chocolate or caramel apple spice from Starbucks.

3. What's your favorite fall clothing item? 


4. What's one item that you want to add to your closet this fall?

I really want a pair of pointed toe booties that will add a bit more sleekness to my wardrobe. I already wear tons of black, but it's usually a sportier vibe because I pair everything with sneakers, but some sexy booties would definitely spice it up. (Like these.)



6. What's your favorite fall movie(s)?

When Harry Met Sally and The Secret Life of Bees.


8. What's your favorite comfort food?

As of lately I have been loving mac n' cheese. To be specific, its been the Lobster Mac n' Cheese from Chop (in Chicago) and the Union Mac from Vinsetta Garage (in Michigan).


9. What's your favorite fall candle?

Vanilla Bean by Henri Bendel

10. What song gets you in the fall spirit?

"My Favorite Things" by Al Jarreau ft. Kathleen Battle 

This song reminds me of apple orchards and long drives home from school when I was a little.


5. Whats your favorite fall scent? 

I have 3 major scents that I rock all year round usually. The one thats the most fall-ish would be Parisienne by YSL and the other two (which I wear as a combo) are Bright Crystal by Versace and Purple Seduction by Sonia Kashuk.


7.  What's your favorite fall beauty product?

Argan color stick in Dusty Rose by Josie Maran.


I tag all of you beautiful ladies: